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Welcome to our DiveBlog!!! 
Tuesday, June 2, 2009, 02:29 AM
Posted by Administrator
Welcome to the first edition of our DiveBlog. We will be using it to keep you informed of important information and issues about diving, and specifically about Great Lakes diving.

Speaking of Great Lakes diving, the diving season is getting underway. We have several interesting charters booked, and are looking forward to getting a lot of dives in. By the way, this is the time to be checking out your gear, if you havent done that already. The cool, refreshing waters of the Great Lakes (I dont want to say cold and dark) are a demanding environment for scuba gear, so it is important that you make sure yours is serviced and ready to use. Dont forget to check your tanks for up-to-date visual inspections (required annually) and hydrostatic test dates (every five years). You dont want to miss a charter because the dive shop cant fill your tank.

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