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Aquatic Adventures is now a Mares Tech Lab Dive Center 
Wednesday, July 15, 2009, 05:47 PM
Posted by Administrator

I recently complete a three day training program with Mares to obtain an Expert rating as a repair technician for Mares products. We worked on almost everything Mares sells in the US, including pneumatic spearguns. We even got to work on the new ultra light weight Carbon second stage. Check out the Mares product line at We are now authorized to service all Mares products.
Speaking of equipment service, remember that Mares and most other manufacturers require that you have your regulators serviced annually by an authorized dealer in order to maintain your warranty. Plus many manufacturers, including Mares and Oceanic, will provide service parts for free as long as you have your regulators serviced every 12 months. That will not only save you money at each servicing, but can lead to more significant savings if your regulator needs parts that are not part of the normal service kit, such as pistons or diaphragms. Dont forget to have your BCD checked out also. This is life support equipment. It is important to know that it is functioning properly.

Safe Diving,


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A reason to keep diving! 
Monday, June 22, 2009, 02:24 PM
Posted by Administrator
We had occasion to look over the 2006 DAN Accidents report this week, and one of the things that struck us was the analysis of diving fatalities. It showed that half of the divers in fatalities had done fewer than 20 dives in the 12 months preceding the fatal dive. Seven percent had not dived at all in the preceding 12 months. In addition, forty-five percent of the divers who died had been certified for one year or less. We think that those statistics point to the importance of continuing practice of the basic diving skills in order to assure continued mastery of the basic diving skills and to attain a level of confidence and comfort that wards off panic and confusion. Although scuba diving is a safe sport (only about 90 fatalities per year reported by DAN, out of who knows how many dives and divers), we should still be respectful of the potential consequences of taking it too casually. So, the bottom line is, keep diving, practice your skills, and have fun.

Safe diving,
The staff of Aquatic adventures of MI, LLC

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Should Commercial Shark Finning be allowed in Palau? 
Wednesday, June 10, 2009, 07:30 PM
Posted by Administrator
Hello divers,

We read some disturbing news in the latest on-line update from Undercurrent magazine. Undercurrent reports that Palau is considering permitting commercial fishing for sharks and shark finning in their waters, and even providing tax exemptions to the commercial fishermen. It would be incredibly sad to see another ecosystem destroyed by commercial fishing of sharks. We visited Utila, Honduras earlier this year, and found that commercial fishing there had emptied the waters of all the larger fish. We saw no sharks or other pelagics at all. The largest creatures that we saw were under the dock at the lodge. We would hate to see that happen at Palau, where one of the main attractions is the opportunity to see these large, graceful creatures in abundance in their natural habitat. If you are like us and want to do something to try to stop this, go to They have petition posted on their website asking the Palaus politicians to not proceed with these bills. We hope they listen.

Dive safely and often,

Staff of Aquatic Adventures of MI

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Welcome to our DiveBlog!!! 
Tuesday, June 2, 2009, 02:29 AM
Posted by Administrator
Welcome to the first edition of our DiveBlog. We will be using it to keep you informed of important information and issues about diving, and specifically about Great Lakes diving.

Speaking of Great Lakes diving, the diving season is getting underway. We have several interesting charters booked, and are looking forward to getting a lot of dives in. By the way, this is the time to be checking out your gear, if you havent done that already. The cool, refreshing waters of the Great Lakes (I dont want to say cold and dark) are a demanding environment for scuba gear, so it is important that you make sure yours is serviced and ready to use. Dont forget to check your tanks for up-to-date visual inspections (required annually) and hydrostatic test dates (every five years). You dont want to miss a charter because the dive shop cant fill your tank.

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