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About 21.8 million pounds of plastic flow into the Great Lakes each year, new research from the Rochester Institute of Technology shows. Lead author Matthew Hoffman, assistant professor of mathematical sciences, calculated the estimate in Inventory and Transport of Plastic Debris in the Laurentian Great Lakes paper, which the Marine Pollution […]

8 Facts About The Pom-pom Crab

The Lybia crab is a species of small crab in the family Xanthidae. It is also referred to as Hawaiian boxer crab, pom-pom crab, cheerleader crab, mosaic boxer crab among many other nicknames. The crabs are known for their signature move of always carrying a […]

Sharks: The Clock Is Ticking

Sharks: The clock is ticking...Extinction is not an option! We are emptying the ocean of sharks. As a diver and a global citizen acting locally, you can play a critical role in saving sharks. Here’s why your actions to protect sharks are so important: Nearly […]