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Yoga is an ancient practice that uses gentle physical postures (Asanas), breathing practices
(Pranayama), relaxation techniques, and meditation to promote a healthy body, encourage a calm
and composed mind, and create a foundation for heightened awareness and a peaceful state of being.

Scuba diving has become like a meditation in itself for me. I consider my time underwater to be the most serene and profound time of my day. As a PADI Instructor, I use the same Yoga-Scuba fusion that has inspired my own diving practice to help my students relax in the water
and become better divers.

A diver who is relaxed in body, breath, and mind, becomes one with the water. When tension and anxiety is removed and you are able to completely indulge in the present moment, a surreal and
inspirational experience awaits you in the underwater world.

Please bring your own yoga mat & blocks.