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R30 Flash Light

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  • Equipped with 3 functions to adjust the light intensity and manage the battery life. 100% power, 30% or flashing. Neutral white light
  • Excellent visibility in any underwater environment, the easy rotation of the ring allows you to vary the cone width of the light beam from 12 ° to 75 °
  • Excellent power thanks to the 3 LEDs that generate 1500 Lumens of luminous flux. Space-saving, transportable in the BCD pocket. Weight 480 gr, Length 17 cm
  • Internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery (5000 Amp) with Micro-USB cable supplied. 3 LEDs, Power 15W. Autonomy 2-5 hours. Lanyard included
  • Seac Italian design of high quality, ergonomic, built in aluminum alloy, tempered optical glass resistant to shocks and pressure

Despite its weight of only 480 gr and its dimensions, length 17 cm and diameter of 6.6 cm, the Seac Sub R30 diving torch is a small but very powerful underwater accessory suitable for any diving environment. Space-saving, it can be attached to the BCD rings, stored in pockets or worn on the wrist with the supplied strap. Thanks to the 3 15 Watt LEDs it is able to generate a luminous flux of up to 1500 Lumen. The neutral white light (7000 K) similar to sunlight returns the colors of the underwater environment. The internal Li-Ion 5000 Amp battery is easily rechargeable using the supplied Micro-USB cable, it is not necessary to remove it from the compartment. It has an autonomy of 2 hours at maximum power and 5 hours at reduced power, ideal for travel and / or underwater cruises where it is more difficult to find disposable batteries. Equipped with 3 functions to adjust the light intensity. Using the ignition switch it is therefore possible to choose full power (100%), reduced power (30%) or flashing. This feature facilitates battery management and is very useful in repetitive dives. The light cone band is easily adjustable from 12 ° to 75 ° by rotating the ring. It therefore allows us to adjust the projection of the light beam according to our needs. The ring can also be turned with gloves, cold hands and with little sensitivity. To prevent flooding, two innovative functions have been introduced, the magnetic impulse switch contained in a compartment separate from the case and a 3-point radial seal that replaces the traditional o-rings. Seac Sub wanted to create once again a high quality Italian design product, ergonomic, in aluminum alloy, in impact and pressure resistant tempered optical glass. Maximum operating depth 100 MT


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