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2024 AQUATIC ADVENTURES OF MI DIVE AMBASSADOR Do you have what it takes??

2024 Aquatic Adventures Dive Ambassador Program

The Aquatic Adventures of MI Dive Ambassador program was created with the purpose of supporting Aquatic Adventures core values and enhancing and growing our local diving and snorkeling community. Our goal of this program is to bring together a group of Aquatic Adventures Dive Ambassador who will positively affect their SCUBA community and educate others about Aquatic Adventures of MI and the sport of diving. This is a team of individuals who are enthusiastic and supportive of all divers in Recreational, Technical, and PADI Pro’s. SCUBA Diving is not just sport, but a LIFESTYLE

 Aquatic Adventures Dive Ambassador is selected through an application process Dive Ambassador Agreements will be reviewed annually to determine if the relationship is beneficial to both parties. Both parties can opt to end the relationship at any time. 

Dive Ambassador Responsibilities:

 Must participate in at least 10 Dive or Snorkeling events per year.

 Represent Aquatic Adventures at events by wearing branded apparel.

 Volunteer at Aquatic Adventures of MI hosted, sponsored events, and dive workshops.

 Be involved, educated and enthusiastic about what Aquatic Adventures of MI is all about.

 Sit on the committee to nominate & plan for the event celebrating the annual Aquatic Adventures of MI Diver of the Year!

 Be active on social media, highlighting yourself in action, whether that be river diving, wreck diving, or just doing a fun dive with your dive buddies. Share an Aquatic Adventures event or post on social media at least once per month. Social media platforms can include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Linked, Snapchat, Pinterest.

 Tag Aquatic Adventures when posting about your dives or dive related topics on social media. (Facebook, Instagram, blogs, etc.) Use hashtags #SCUBAholics and #AAMLove when appropriate.

 Embody the core values of Aquatic Adventures and act as a role model while representing the brand.

 As part of the program, you agree to allow us to share photos, stories, diving achievements on our social media, website & other channels.

 Provide a digital picture & brief bio to Staff@aquaticadventuresofmi.com by February 28, 2018 (if selected).

Dive Ambassador perks:

 Aquatic Adventures of MI branded Shirt or technical t-shirt.

 20% off product or continuing educations classes while in the program.

 "Free air" for the events held by Aquatic Adventures of MI.

Gilboa Quarry entry fees for a dive activity sponsored by Aquatic Adventures (or other, as chosen by Aquatic Adventures of MI), plus periodic opportunities for Great Lakes Dive Charter discounts.

 Personalized coaching plan and training tips, if desired.

 Inclusion in all training clinics, promotions and workshops.

 Does this sound like you? If you feel you are up to the challenge of serving as a Aquatic Adventures of MI Dive Ambassador please submit the following to staff@aquaticadventuresofmi.com .