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Why Dive With A Titanium Regulator?

Equipment KParker COMMENTS 07 Jan, 2021

Everyone knows that Atomic Aquatics is the top innovator in dive. Obsessed by detail, in tune with every component, we use the Atelier method to relentlessly pursue perfection in our designs. 

Our mission is to create the ultimate in dive equipment and along the way, we cut no corners and spare no expense. 

During the evolution of our regulator designs, it gradually became clear that titanium was the answer to many of diving’s toughest problems. We needed to find a material that was incredibly tough—for years of abuse—yet light enough to easily accompany you on every holiday. The answer was titanium


We needed a material that could withstand long bouts of exposure to both salt and freshwater without showing the slightest bit of rust, corrosion or a general decrease in performance. Again, the answer was titanium

It must be said that developing the lightest regulator in the world requires heavy reliance on precision engineering and machining. But at Atomic, precision is our pedigree, and we pursued this new material with laser-like focus and diligence in our craftsmanship. 

Riding the promise of this innovative material, over the years we’ve built titanium into every one of our regulator designs. However, the truest result of our efforts has been our flagship line titanium regulators, the T1 and T2 as early entrants.

Crafting each of these gave us the know-how and R&D mastery to bring to fruition the culmination of our efforts with the T3 Regulator. 25 years ago, in 1996, we introduced “The World’s First Titanium Scuba Regulator” and to this day the T3 is  manufactured and assembled in the USA.

Each of these regs—the T1, T2 and T3—represent the pinnacle of the Atomic regulator technology because the first stage is crafted from a single piece of titanium. 

The T3’s first stage is designed using minimal material and machined from a solid piece of Titanium requiring 23 individual operations. All machining operations are performed in a single continuous milling session at our Atomica manufacturing facility. That means each component is carefully and expertly crafted under our watchful eyes to conform to only the most exacting standards.


As you might know, titanium is much lighter and much stronger than the stainless steel or brass that’s often seen in other first stages, which makes it fantastic for travel and use over the long term. In fact, the titanium alloy we utilize is so resistant to corrosion that it’s able to survive 300 years in sea water without showing a hint of rust.

Two areas in which our titanium regs needed some special engineering were cold-water diving and enriched air/nitrox. To prevent the first stage from freezing, it’s filled with a special Teflon grease that that enables the regulator to resist low temperatures so you can dive in very cold conditions. As for enriched air/nitrox, the extensive use of the monel metal on the interior components allows the regulator to be used with up to 40 percent non-dedicated enriched air.

Externally, on top of the two standard high pressure ports, there are also several additional low-pressure ports coming out of a swivel turret with a fifth port coming out of the top. This flexibility lets you dial in your configuration without sacrificing rust-proof protection or performance. Each port is crafted from titanium as well, so they’re double tough.

Still not sure about the benefits of titanium? Watch the Simply Scuba review below to learn more about the T3 and the specific merits of titanium regulators. 

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