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    Every time I slip into the ocean, it's like going home. Sylvia Earle
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    The Best Way To Observe a Fish is To Become A Fish...Jacques Cousteau
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    Welcome to Aquatic Adventures
    A PADI 5* IDC Center
    We are a proud PADI 5* IDC Center, which means we thrive on quality
    service, safety and of course a lot of fun! We cater for beginner up to
    those whom like to become a PADI Instructor!
    So start your PADI Adventure with us today, get diving and change your life...
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  • Beginner Open Water

    Beginner Open Water…

    Looking to start your underwater adventure?  Take a PADI Open Water Course! 
  • Take The Next Step! Advanced Open Water

    Take The Next Step!…

    Now that you have become certified and are hooked on SCUBA Diving..take the next step and get your PADI Advanced […]
  • Trips! Trips & More Trips!

    Trips! Trips & More…

    You are hooked on diving! Where to go and who to dive with?  Join Aquatic Adventures of MI on our next […]
  • Kids Love To Dive!

    Kids Love To Dive!

    Get the whole family PADI Open Water Certified!  Aquatic Adventures offers classes for children 10 years […]
  • Aqua Lung RecallAqua Lung Recall

    Aqua Lung Recall

    Aqua Lung Regulator Safety Problem Do you have one of those Aqua Lung regulators with that Auto Closure Device […]
  • Salty Hair And Sandy Skin – How I…Salty Hair And Sandy Skin – How I…

    Salty Hair And Sandy…

    It’s the question on the lips of a lot of new divers, ‘how can I protect my hair and skin from […]
  • There's A Lot Of Trash In The Ocean.…

    There's A Lot Of Trash…

      Posted On: 10/4/17 9:43 AM by John Hawthrone   Let’s start this article with a really depressing […]
  • The Great Lakes Have Become A Dumping…

    The Great Lakes Have…

    About 21.8 million pounds of plastic flow into the Great Lakes each year, new research from […]
  • Diving In South Australia - Leafy Sea…Diving in South Australia - Leafy Sea Dragon, Sea Lions & More!

    Diving In South Australia…

    The beautiful state of South Australia has a rich heritage that is equally matched by its natural beauty […] 
  • Diving Silfra In Iceland With The Blonde…Diving Silfra in Iceland with The Blonde Abroad

    Diving Silfra In Iceland…

    Join The Blonde Abroad (Kiersten Rich) as she travels to Iceland to experience one of the most unique dive […] 
  • Diving Tropical Thailand 🌴Diving Tropical Thailand 🌴

    Diving Tropical Thailand…

    Thailand is a tropical paradise and an amazing dive destination with lots to see underwater. With the Gulf […] 
  • Diving Magnificent Malaysia 🐟Diving Magnificent Malaysia 🐟

    Diving Magnificent…

    Ahhhh Malaysia. With hundreds of tropical islands and more than 3000 species of marine creatures, diving […] 


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